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• TICKR X, the ultimate workout wearable just got better with the new TICKR X 2
• New TICKR X 2 pod design make it the slimmest and lightest heart rate monitors on the market
• TICKR X 2 pod is integrated into the strap, ensuring it will fit comfortably on the chest
• In addition to the existing benefits of connecting via ANT+, updated dual band technology features up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections such as:
- Being paired to Apple TV for Zwift, iPad for TrainingPeaks and fitness watch during an indoor workout
- LEDs at the top of the pod make it easier to view power and connection
- Third Party iPhone App Compatibility: Works seamlessly with over 50 iPhone Apps including: Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, and Cyclemeter/Runmeter
• Replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to twelve months
• Real Time Tracking: See workout data while you exercise, including vital metrics such as heart rate and calorie burn
• Running Smoothness™: Measures running form across three dimensions including vertical oscillation and ground contact time to help you improve and become a stronger runner
• Cadence Measurement: Replaces a traditional footpod by providing stride rate data
• Motion analytics include:
- Running Dynamics – cadence, ground contact time and vertical oscillation
- Indoor Cycling Cadence
- Memory for over 50 hours of workout data for workouts not paired to phone, watch or bike
- Rapid Double Tap Control: Without your phone
- Double tap adds markers for specific points throughout your workout
• Includes tether and attachment

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