Pedal floating in the air... Roller with a floating-system that aids balance during training.Winner of Eurobike Gold Award in 2016.

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The floating system makes it simpler to approach rollers as it absorbs any sudden movement, which are typical when first starting out. So in a few minutes anyone can train on this type of home trainer.

  • The floating system also makes standing up on your bike while cycling much safer.
  • It absorbs quick movements, typical when standing up (and gradually returns them).
  • The exclusive system with pivoting rollers captures the movements of the cyclist and compensates for the shift of the center of gravity. This makes the training at the Elite Quick Motion dyno feel very natural. 
  • Elite Quick Motion is equipped with a magnetic resistance unit which is directly integrated into the central horizontal roller. There are various adjustable levels, giving flexibility with training as the driving resistance can be simulated on a slope. 
  • The Elite Quick Motion dynamometer can safely sprint. 
  • Features Bicycle Trainer Elite Quick Motion Dynamometer. 
  • Light and strong frame made of high quality aluminum and plastic.
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