The Kickr Bike is Wahoo's take on the recent indoor training trend towards complete bike systems.
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The Kickr Bike is designed to simulate outdoor riding to the detail, thanks to well-proven Wahoo innovation and technology. The bike is essentially built around a Kickr trainer, with a completely adjustable bike, complete with and integrated Kickr Climb gradient simulator and realistic shifters.

The resistance unit can create up to 2200 w of resistance and simulate 20% to -15% gradients. This is thanks to the 13 lb flywheel combined with an enhanced motor for smooth, precise and virtually silent resistance changes. Resistance is managed by any interactive training app, such as Zwift, Trainerroad or the basic Wahoo app. Power measurement is one of the best on the market, with a +/- 1% accuracy rating, which never requires calibration.

The bike itself is very flexible in terms of sizing, providing options for cyclists 5' to 6'4''. This is possible thanks to the adjustable crank-arm length (165-175 mm), as well as the 5-point adjustment of the bike itself, stack, reach, setback, saddle height, and frame height.

  • Wide range of sizing 5' (152 cm) to 6'4'' inches (193 cm)
  • 2200 w maximum resistance
  • 20% to -15% simulated gradient simulation
  • +/- 1% accuracy rating
  • Simulated Shifting
  • LED screen for gearing and resistance
  • ANT+ FEC and Bluetooth
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