5 advantages of cycling on a virtual training base compared to a spinning bike

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We all know it, training at home is no longer an uncommon practice. For several years now, our home has become the ideal place to advance and develop our things, reach our goals and as a matter of fact, get in shape! Many of us have let our creativity take over to create effective and enjoyable workout routines. While the motivation to work out is there, the lack of equipment is one of the main issues with this new lifestyle. The good news is that whatever equipment you need, you need far less than you think! In the context of a cyclist's training, most would tend to picture a typical spinning/stationary bike. However, there is much more to it! And yes, it is called the virtual training base! It is one of the best alternatives available for home training. Plus, this product will allow you to achieve an amazing similarity to the experience on the road. Here are 5 reasons why a training base is exceptionally different from a spinning bike!

1. You'll get the right adjustments

Being on a training base is like being on your bike! It will be completely adjusted to you. This means less risk of injury, since you will be comfortable on it once you are settled. Plus, the precise adjustments will allow you to practice shifting gears and better control your power and the level of force you want to put into your workout.

2. More representative of real life (on the road)

The experience is arguably more realistic than on a spinning bike. The training base better simulates the realities of the road: the gradient of the courses, the scenery when used on Zwift, sometimes even the gravel segments on the road.

3. Virtual training base

A virtual platform compatible with the training base named "Zwift" allows you to meet other cycling enthusiasts like you. The online cycling and running software that allows users to train together in a virtual world. Now that's stimulating!

4. Compatible with all bikes

You don't have to worry, the training base is compatible with every bike. Moreover, several models of bases are available depending on your needs and preferences.

5. Easily transportable

At a friend's house, in an office or even on vacation in a cottage, you can take it anywhere! Basically, you don't need to designate a specific location for it since it is as easy to store as it is to set up.

All in all, the training base is far more comfortable and realistic. It adapts to you as much in terms of performance and comfort as for your leisure activities and your training spaces.