Optimize your comfort and your bike performance with a BG FIT positioning adapted for you!






Pain? Discomfort? Do not let these small frustrations ruin your pleasure! 

We offer a dynamic positioning adapted to your morphology and practice:

Positioning on the bike
A proper fitting will allow you to optimize your performance while taking into account your comfort level. The important thing is to understand why neutrality is an important factor to consider. Cycling should not be an inconvenience when you respect your physical abilities . Cycling is certainly physical activity, but if you are not comfortable from the start, everything else will only accumulate and your experience may be greatly affected.

Features of the BG2:

  • Inseam height measurement;
  • Saddle height adjustment;
  • Adjustment of the forward/reverse position of the saddle;
  • Adjustment of handlebar rotation, angle/height of the levers;
  • Adjustment of stem height (depending on the level of flexibility);
  • Alignment/positioning of cleats to optimise overall power;
  • Measurements given at the end of the fitting

Typical time: from 45 to 60 minutes
Cost: $149.99

Saddle and sit bone measurements
Thanks to Retül technology, it is now possible to get real time pressure feedback and measure sit bone width with accuracy and precision. Indeed, with the Digital Sit bone Device (DSD), taking these measurements is as easy as sitting and watching... What to do with this measurement? A series of saddles will be recommended with different shapes and padding.

A better support for more power: measuring the height of the arch of your foot
Another revolutionary tool offered by Retül is the Digital Footbed Device (DFD). This tool allows you to see in real time the pressure exerted by your feet and to make recommendations on the type of insoles to use to maximize your thrust. The wider and more defined the footprint, the more interesting the thrust on the bike will be. Different insoles are available to optimize power transfer to better support your feet where it counts.