Items to have in your fall cycling wardrobe

Although the summer season is coming to an end, the cycling season is not nearly over! And yes, fall represents an opportunity to stay in shape until winter arrives. Despite the uncertain weather this season offers, there is always a way to exercise, as long as we are well prepared. Thus, a change in temperature also brings a change in clothing. Here is a list of several pieces that are essential for riding in the fall.

Long gloves

As with many things in our daily lives, hands play a big role on the bike. They are also exposed to the cold winds during a fall training session! Long gloves are the solution. Depending on your preferences, there are models that are more insulated than others or vice versa.


You need to be well covered to ride, from head to toe, certainly not forgetting your upper body. The light and fitted windbreakers, vests and thermal swimsuits that we offer will cut you off from the cold and the wind while offering you maximum comfort.

Shoe covers

As with your hands, cold feet can be numb and affect your performance. Most summer shoes are ventilated, which means that your feet will be very easily exposed to a cold wind. Shoe covers will keep your feet warm without you having to change your shoes. Also, some models are waterproof, they will be useful for wetter days. 

Arms and legs warmer

Made of windproof stretch fabric on the surface, these arms and legs warmer will allow you to play with layers of clothing without having to remove anything. They also feature a non-slip silicone strip for comfort and stability when riding. If the day ever gets hot, they are as easy to remove as they are to put on. Plus, these gear fit nicely in your jersey pockets.


It is well known that the ends of your body are the first places where you lose heat in cold weather. The beanies we offer are stretchy and comfortable while wicking away moisture to keep you warm and comfortable. 


These neck warmers are made of microfiber fabric and are used for several reasons. Obviously, they are used to cover the neck and face area, but they can also be used as headbands or even hats. They can be used for multiple purposes at any time of the year. They are easy to wash and dry, allowing you to reuse them in a few hours. Plus, they enhance your style with their wide variety of patterns.

That being said, it's still possible to ride your bike despite the arrival of fall. New weather means new goals! Our advisors at Cycle Néron will be more than happy to advise you on our equipment for the new season. See you soon!