Every year, as you know. It's time to start over. Week after week, month after month. You fear it, but you shouldn't. It's now made simple with the Mint'N Dry product line, which requires no rinsing.

No more mess in your living room. No more conflicting schedules for the bathroom where you are rinsing your frame. Finally, no more complications! And with their composition from biosourced ingredients and their biodegradability, they help to reduce your ecological footprint. On top of all of that, by buying Mint’N Dry product, you are encouraging a product from here!

So, in three easy steps, it is possible to get it done!

First of all, you have to degrease... As Mint'N Dry degreaser is highly penetrating, it dissolves the dirt stuck to the components, such as the chain and rear sprockets, by a microemulsion process.


Then, when dry, Mint'N Dry dry lubricant deeply lubricates the chain. Equipped with ceramic microparticles and an anti-wear additive, it will reduce the ageing of the latter, which will allow you to ride harder, longer over the distances to be covered.


Finally, Mint'n Dry cleaner takes care of the rest. It removes dirt and all you have to do is wipe off... without water! Safe for all finishes, it leaves a protection against corrosion and even against UV rays.


Remember that the key to success is consistency. If you do this often, you will have less to dislodge, which will lead to a better overall health of your transmission.

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