Soon, the beautiful season will be back and the summer temperatures will make you play outside and you will not want to return. For the moment, the outings will be rather short, but the more the good weather will be there, the more the outings will lengthen. Whether cycling or running, the kilometers will accumulate, the time in the saddle will multiply and the energy expenditure will be important.

Who has never been caught by a loss of energy on a bike? Hit the wall. Have limp legs. There is no need to throw in the towel: having a good diet is the basis. But cycling is not always easy to predict or know what to pack ....

The key to not weaken is however simple. In addition to physical preparation (making gradual outings), a good intake of carbohydrates, good hydration and especially listening to your body is essential. I'm not going to talk to you about figures, concentrations, caloric expenditure, but only to draw you out. Each person reacts and manages their consumption differently, and I would tell you to start with the manufacturer's recommendations and adjust according to your own needs to start. The body is a wonderful machine but we must continue to feed it when there is a sustained energy expenditure (we are talking about more than an hour continuously).


It is the main fuel of muscles working at high intensity. The reserves of glycogen are exhaustible, so it is important to always have a carbohydrate intake during workouts and exits of more than one hour. Fruit3 and Fruit3 fruit pasta bars from Xact Nutrition or Shot Blocks Clifs fulfill this role very well. Also, some flavors offer a sodium intake (good to use when it is very hot and that one perspires abundantly) or in caffeine (if one needs a small "boost" of energy). Also, you have to be careful adding caffeine: you have to make sure you can tolerate it to avoid unpleasant surprises ...
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