Our tips to start the spring season on the right foot

It’s only May, but it’s already starting to get nice and warm outside. Has the urge to go riding outside ever knocked on your door? From our side, certainly yes, that's why we thought it would be useful for you to know the “must have” or “must do” in order to start the season in style!

Rule # 1: choose the right clothes

It might sound trivial, but choosing the right clothes in the spring will make all the difference in the fun you have on your bike ride. Who dreams of coming home,  having their legs tingling because they are thawing? Not us. But it's not always easy to avoid, we agree. Here are the pieces to have in your cycling bag for spring:

- A mesh camisole: it will act as a second layer on your skin and keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

- Arm warmers and leg warmers: these are very versatile and can be used both under a coat or with your jersey when the weather allows it. They are perfect for morning outings where it gets cooler in the morning and warmer as the day progresses. In a few seconds, you can remove them and slip them into your pocket.

- A sleeveless jacket: a bit like arm warmers and leg warmers, the sleeveless jacket is a must. It cuts the wind, keeps the trunk warm and fits easily in a jersey pocket. In addition to being very practical, it will give you a nice style. If you don't want to invest in a coat, go for several layers of jersey and a sleeveless jacket, you can't go wrong.

One last little advice about clothing. Even if the weather is relatively warm and you feel like riding in short clothes, opt for long clothes. Even if you don't seem to be cold, your muscles may feel cold, which can decrease your performance.


Rule # 2: choose the perfect route and take it easy

At the start of the season, now is not the time to go for an Epic Ride. You must give your body time to get used to the sensations of riding on the real road again. Simulation apps like Zwift are good fun, but not like the outdoors. Pick a course you love and can't wait to ride on. Take it slow and don't do long intervals on your first ride.

Are you lacking inspiration for your spring outings? Go for a little ride on Strava. This is a gold mine of community driven to ride! 


Rule # 3: ride in a small group

At the start of the season, the risk of falling is greater than during the season. Indeed, several factors can be the cause. First, the roads are not yet maintained and can be strewn with crevices. When riding in a large group, it can be difficult to see these holes coming and to react quickly to avoid them. In addition, at the start of the season, due to a lack of habit, cyclists are less used to riding in groups, which can be more dangerous. We therefore advise you to ride with people with whom you are used to riding and to avoid outings in too large a group.

Also make sure to respect codes of conduct in times of pandemic, i.e. to keep a distance of 2 meters between cyclists, unless you are riding with people living under the same roof as you. Ride in a prudent and predictable manner, respecting the rules of the Highway Safety Code and signaling your intentions.


Rule # 4: have the right products and tools to wash your bike after each ride

Many people often ask us what is the best way to keep their bike as long as possible. Maintaining and keeping your bike clean is the best way to keep it for a long time, obviously using the right tools and the right products. Without doing a full wash every time you ride, it is important to clean your bike regularly after your workouts. A good wipe with a microfiber cloth combined with the use of MINT'N DRY cleaner and a few drops of degreaser on the chain will do wonders. The ECF athletes told us that during spring, after every ride, this is their secret recipe!

Here ! You are finally ready to take your bike outside! Enjoy the ride!