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Road Biking 101 : A Beginner’s Guide

13 Apr 2023
by Cycle Néron

Road Biking 101 : A Beginner’s Guide

Road biking has become increasingly popular in Quebec which is all thanks to the countless scenic routes and trails to discover across the province. If you are trying to convert a friend into loving this sport, you should know that patience and good planning are key factors. But for now, here are some great tips that will help your friend get familiar with road biking and will then, fall in love with road biking… just like us!


1- Ease into it

Road biking can be intimidating for a beginner. Might be best to start with shorter and easier rides in order for your friend to get familiar with this sport. Go over the basics of group riding, such as staying on the left side and using hand signals. And before hopping on the road with clip-on pedals, we would suggest going around the block a few times. Riding at full speed when you’re not used to it… might come to a surprise when you realize your feet are locked into the pedal. 


2- Invest in proper safety gear and equipment

Safety first! Ensure your friend has all the proper gear before going for a ride. Invest in a quality helmet, suitable shoes, sunglasses and appropriate clothing. These are essential to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience; we cannot stress enough about the importance of wearing a pair of high quality biking shorts!) If your friend needs guidance, we are here to help! Moreover, our team of experts will be able to provide tips on how to make your first bike ride comfortable and enjoyable!


3- Prep an itinerary

Planning a route that is suited to your friend’s level and interest is key. Opt for uncrowded roads with beautiful scenery to ensure the experience is as pleasant as possible. The province of Quebec boasts several iconic road bike routes awaiting to be discovered, including the Route Verte that covers 5000 km of marked trails and road bike circuits. 


4- Go over some key road biking techniques

Road biking requires a specific riding technique. Inform your friend to keep an aerodynamically efficient posture in order to reduce wind resistance as well as keeping a steady pace to save his or her strength. Going over the shifting techniques will also be beneficial to get the most out of the riding experience. Then you can cover other aspects of road biking such as pace, hydration, etc. 


5- Organize group outings

Group rides can be a great way for your friend to discover new routes and meet other cyclist enthusiasts. Find out about local clubs and regular outings in your area. These events will help your friend improve his or her biking skills on top of making new friends who are also beginners or experienced cyclist!


In the end, road biking is a fun and exciting activity that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless if you are experienced or not. When introducing a new friend to this sport, ensure to ease into it, invest in proper gear, have a clear route set out, go over the fundamental techniques and plan group outings to keep the motivation. With patience, support and organization skills, together you will FALL IN LOVE with bike riding while discovering the many incredible routes and trails Quebec has to offer.

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