Take care of yourself, one pedal stroke at a time!

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Physical health

When we think of cycling, it is systematic to think of the benefits that it can bring to our physical health. Indeed, benefits such as lower resting heart rate, reduced back pain, and development of virtually every muscle group are just the tip of an iceberg of which we don't even see the end. Being much more delicate on the body and the joints than running, cycling is becoming the sport of choice for many athletes from different backgrounds. Like Alex Harvey, Olympic cross-country skier, who chose mountain biking as a summer sport.

Mental health

Like the vast majority of sports, cycling can have a huge impact on our psychological state. Physical activity is a great way to escape the stress of everyday life and each pedal stroke helps us become more zen. The feeling of accomplishment and the work on oneself that allow the body to appreciate these moments, even in suffering, are also part of the benefits of cycling to counter depression.

Social health

Finally, to make a happy mix of the two previous categories, there is no  better way to take care of your physique while also benefiting your mental health! Cycling is an incredible workout, but we can guarantee that it is more enjoyable when done together. Collectives and cycling groups are therefore favorite places to practice the sport you love while developing friendships and meeting other enthusiasts. The « Jamaisseul.e CC » collective located in Estrie, in the city of Sherbrooke, offers the perfect example of what cycling can bring to a well-balanced social life. Founded with a view to inclusion where everyone is welcome, the group organizes outings every Tuesday, with the Siboire Dépôt microbrewery as a starting point, where cyclists are invited to regroup after the ride.


The kind of event that brings to life the very essence of cycling and the positive impacts it can have on health.

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