The 5 mountain biking destinations for this summer (beginner-intermediate)

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or even an expert, there are many destinations for mountain biking. Here we will talk about destinations for Cross-country or Enduro.

1. Plein air Sutton

Distance from Montreal: 1h30 

Price: $ 15 + taxes

The Sutton network offers more than 29 km of easy to intermediate trails, perfect to enjoy.

2. Parc des Sommets de Bromont et sentiers du Massif de Bromont (Monts Brome, Gale and Oak)

Distance from Montreal : 1h15

Price: $ 16.52 + taxes

Parc des Sommets of Bromont has more than 60 km of trails through several easy-to-access networks over a large area. You will certainly have enough time to go to fill your day.

3. Mont-Sainte-Anne

Distance from Montreal: 3h20

Price: Between $ 10 and $ 39 + taxes

Mont-Sainte-Anne is certainly one of the places with the most km of trails. With more than 164 km, you will certainly be able to enjoy it. 

4. Empire 47  

Distance from Montreal : 3h15

Price: $ 18.25 + taxes

With more than 54 km of trails, the circuits offered are truly for the whole family. 

5. Mont-Tremblant  

Distance from Montreal: 1h40

Price: free (with the exception of the trails in the St-Bernard area)

What is unique about Tremblant is 59 km of free trails to explore in varied terrain (riverside, woods or for the view).

6. As an extra, because you can't miss it ... We advise you to go toLa Vallée Bras-du-Nord(Shannahan or Saint-Raymond sector for the more advanced).

Distance from Montreal: 3h15

Price: $ 18.26 + taxes (for both sectors)

The Vallée Bras-du-Nord is a gem for all levels. In addition to having a breathtaking landscape, it is more than 100 km of trails to cover. You can even camp there with your family!

For more mountain bike destinations, we invite you to visit the Vélo Québec Website. You can find more than 150 sites to practice your sport.

Make the most of the season by exploring these destinations with your mountain bikes!