The Fat Bike, the best alternative for winter riding


Lately, we’ve been writing a lot about the importance of continuing to jump on a bike even if the temperatures are less clement. There are several alternatives to allow you to continue this magnificent sport, even in winter! First, you can get a training base and enjoy the most realistic experience with the Zwift application in virtual reality. Today, we present another alternative for winter riding, Fat Bikes.


What is a Fat Bike?

Also called the fat tire bike, it is a bike that offers its users the possibility of riding in less common conditions. For example, the Fat Bike allows you to ride in winter on snow, in summer on the beach and year-round in rock and mud. This extraordinary bike is increasingly popular in Quebec, it adapts to all your needs to offer you training sessions according to your style, from more leisurely rides to very intense outings. If you are thinking of getting into this sport, take a look at the different Fat Bikes in our shop by clicking here.



In order to allow you to cross the less orthodox surfaces, this bike uses tires having a width of 4 to 6 inches, which is very large. For comparison, ordinary mountain bike tires are about 2 inches wide, the difference is considerable. Without this width, it would be impossible to obtain such grip on the ground to ride on the snowy trails of Quebec. So, for lovers of new experiences, we encourage you to try this variant of mountain biking that will not disappoint you. If you need new fat bike tires or want a second pair, here is a very high performance model in our online store.


Brave the cold in winter

As you probably know, winter temperatures are not always the most pleasant. However, dressing warmly will allow you to ride a Fat Bike without inconvenience. To protect yourself, use your usual helmet, but equip yourself with a toque or a balaclava that you will put underneath. For your hands, you can either use gloves or mittens directly installed on your handles to keep you warm.

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