Thumbs up - Applications for cyclists

The emergence of mobile applications for several years is only increasing. This is also the case for applications related to the world of cycling. We have to believe that these engineers are pedaling in the right direction, because of the obvious success they are experiencing. 

Of course, some applications are more popular than others, such as Tinder ... Uh, no, wait a minute. I think we're going in the wrong direction. 


Here is our real Top 4 of the best cycling apps, tested and ''swiped'' right by Cycle Néron:


1. Strava

Let's start with a classic from the 2000s. Strava is the Facebook for cyclists and racing enthusiasts. An application where you can follow the progress of your friends and acquaintances. Where you can comment and like their little challenges. 

You can create your own training routes and track your progress daily. You can also create your own itinerary (both on the web and on mobile) and give yourself small challenges in teams or alone.

Not to mention the Strava challenges, the records to beat and the different team features available. We currently have a challenge running on the platform, in collaboration with le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie.


2. Mécano Vélo (on Appstore)

The application for tinkerers. What it offers: 58 detailed repair guides, 95 tips and tricks to avoid mechanical problems or frequent cycling pains, an inventory of your bike parts, your different bikes and their functionality and much more.

For bike trippers, those who like to modify their own or spy on others' bikes, this is the app for you.


3. Trailforks

This app is specifically for mountain bike enthusiasts. For those who like to get lost, as well as those who prefer to follow a specific path. Trailforks offers a database of mountain trails everywhere! More than 747,637 kilometers of nearly 400,000 trails are listed in 123 countries. To plan your next outing, whether it's a bike ride or a hike, this is the application to download.

4. Ride with GPS

An application with powerful and ultra user-friendly route planning tools! A big favorite for our team. 

The application's graphics, functionalities, custom formulas and route planners are all very user-friendly. Their blog, trip reports and news section offer visitors a wide range of information about the world of cycling. For enthusiasts like us, it's the ideal platform to keep up with the latest news. 


How's it going?

Now that we've given you the names of our favorite applications, what are you waiting for to download them and have fun on the roads?

Were you already familiar with all of them? Drop us a line on social media and tell us about your best discoveries with the hundreds of mobile apps available to us! 

We can't wait to hear from you.