Top 5 FatBike destinations near Montreal

Winter is coming and there is a taste for snow sports. What sport are we talking about? It's FatBike season; the dazzling growth sport par excellence! What could be better than suggestions for great destinations?

Top 5 FatBike destinations near Montreal:

1. Mont Saint-Bruno National Park

Distance from Montreal: 45 minutes.

The park has 5 trails total, from intermediate to advanced level. You have access to 13km to explore different types of trails! 

Evenings: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, from January 6 to 5.

March 2021 (depending on snow conditions), the park will be open to cyclists until 9 p.m.


2. Boucherville Islands National Park

Distance from Montreal: 35 minutes.

Starting from the Discovery and Visitors Center, you begin a 7 km loop (45 minutes). The trail is categorized "easy" in order to be accessible for young and old. Rental is available upon reservation by phone only (1 800 665-6527) at least 24 hours in advance.


3. Bromont trails

Distance from Montreal: 1h15.

The Mount Oak area offers 17 kilometers of easy to intermediate level trails for hiking, snowshoeing, and winter biking.

From the parking lot located at the intersection of rue Shefford (Route 241) and rue Pacifique Ouest, you can directly access the trails.


4. Oka National Park

Distance from Montreal: 55 minutes.

« Les amis des sentiers » work hard to offer you a fun circuit and conditions conducive to pleasure on your bike! It has more than 10 trails between 2.3 km (50 min) and 17.4 km (5 hours)! You will have fun no matter your tastes and all levels!


5. Mont Tremblant Park

Distance from Montreal: 1h50.

Are you a fan of well-groomed slopes? Here are the trails for you! The trails are groomed between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. to provide a route of over 50 km of double or single trails. A large, flat playground for all types of cyclists.

Use the Trail Forks app to orient yourself!


It is interesting to check the conditions of the trails before heading up there. You would like snow that is firm, but not icy. Depending on the temperature, adjusting your tire pressure has never been more important! According to VéloMag, there are three pressure factors to consider when inflating your FatBike tires:

1. The less your weight and the weight of your bike, the less you need to inflate.

2. If your tires and rims are narrow, less inflation will be required to compensate for the narrow footprint. If they are wide, you need to inflate more.

3. The drier the snow (cold temperature), the less inflation is necessary. On the opposite, the wetter and more compacted it is, the more you swell.


Make the most of winter 2020-2021 by exploring these destinations with your bikes. To benefit from our expert advice regarding the mechanics of your snow bike, contact our workshop at (450) 678-5880.

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