Why choose a training base this fall

With winter temperatures fast approaching and our bike paths already too often affected by showers, it quickly becomes complicated to have quality training on a regular basis! It goes without saying that training bases are the solution to this problem. So here are five reasons why you should have your home workout base in order to maximize your training frequency.

Five reasons to use a training base


Weather conditions

We all know it, no matter how good a day you are having, there is nothing more unpleasant than getting wet in the middle of a race! With winter also slowing down outdoor training for several months a year, you might think you have to say goodbye to your bike in the cold season - but no! With a good training base, it is possible to be sheltered from the weather, in the comfort of your home.


Stay available

It takes a lot of planning and time to ride long distances. But what to do with baby who has been sleeping for a while when you’re alone with him at home? The idea of ​​going for a little outing is nice… but unfortunately not realistic! In this situation, the training base turns out to be super practical, allowing you to practice your sport without the complexity of having to leave your home and your occupations for a long time.


Connections with others

You would think that training at home will make the atmosphere demotivating and too individual, but it's completely the opposite. Using a training base combined with an online running application such as Zwift allows you to:

Socialize with other cyclists in the race

Race with friends

Make new friends

Stay motivated by other cyclists

Participate in online events

Take advantage of a multitude of workouts already prepared by other users


Long term investment

It goes without saying that a good training base is not free, but what if I told you that it is an investment and will save you money in the long run? Indeed, you have to take into account the starting cost of the base, but it will save you money on the maintenance of your bike. Whether it's brakes, tires, or just general wear and tear, all of this will be greatly reduced if you're not on the road, but in the comfort of your living room.


Here are our two training bases with the best value for money:

WAHOO KICKR POWER V5 interactive training base

TACX FLUX S SMART training base



We've all heard horror stories related to training, whether it's a bad fall at high speed, a collision or even a sudden puncture! These risks are greatly reduced and probably non-existent if you are not exposed to the hazards of the road. Having a training base at home will allow you to avoid all these problems!

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